This Place is a Hole


person: are you ready for cobra’s new album??



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Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts

My English class was supposed to read Romeo and Juliet this year, but we ran out of time, so we didn’t (yay education) I think I now know everything I need to know about it.

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I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
↳ My Chemical Romance (2004)
"Well if you wanted honesty, that’s all you had to say."

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Song: Texas
Artist: Magic Man


100 day song challenge: 35) a song with a place in the title

Texas - Magic Man

Now you’re taking me down where you grew up
I wish I had known you when you were young

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Pete and Joe doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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pete wentz??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of pete wentz spill out of jacket] w-what  a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of pete wentz scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen 

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I love you so much it’s weird: Patrick Stump

“‘Cause they might try to tell you how you can live your life. but don’t, don’t forget it’s your right, to do whatever you like.”

We want you to hold up your ring finger, because there is someone out there in this world, who wants to sleep next to you every night.”

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gabe saporta on a pole for williamsbeckett [x]

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